Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis artificial intelligence health state identification system solves the body constitution difficult to identify the pain point

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Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis artificial intelligence health state identification system solves the body constitution difficult to identify the pain point

KEYWORDS: Ai Chinese Medicine Tongue diagnosis artificial intelligence health state identification system

 Ai Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis artificial intelligence health state recognition system to solve the body difficult to identify pain points, the World Union of Chinese Medicine (Beijing) Institute of Chinese Medicine Research relies on the advantages of hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine universities in the capital, the top AI team, together with the top experts in traditional Chinese medicine, has developed an artificial intelligence health diagnosis system based on AI tongue diagnosis. Users can accurately identify 18 kinds of constitution and diagnose more than 200 kinds of TCM syndrome types in 3 seconds by taking and uploading pictures of tongue surface and combining the characteristics of tongue images and by means of "Constitution Analysis and syndrome type analysis" , including nine kinds of physical fitness, complex physical fitness, viscera differentiation of three types of business modules, accuracy rate of up to 96% , through the mobile phone public number and WAP mobile terminal for Chinese Medicine Health Status Identification, the program of constitution identification and recuperation is to be used as an auxiliary diagnosis and treatment, and to provide Chinese medicine treatment and individualized recuperation and consultation services. The advertisement builds the immortal road to be long, starts the war together with the fairy lady, the fairy is wants to be carefree the AI Chinese medicine tongue diagnoses the artificial intelligence health condition recognition system, provides the accurate service for you. Provides the traditional Chinese Medicine Intelligence Physique analysis system entrance; 2. Customized Physical Analysis report 18 pages; 3. Authorized Chinese Medicine Intelligent Physical Analysis System Founder; 4. Independent secondary domain name E-commerce Site; 5. Server Database; 6. Recommendation Code Marketing System Interface; 7. 100 Headline Articles are published every year; an intelligent physical analysis system for Chinese medicine is provided in order to shorten the diagnosis and treatment time for the recuperators, and at the same time solve the difficulties in the accuracy of tongue diagnosis for the new and old recuperators; the custom analysis report makes the accurate identification and standardization of the physical constitution, the recuperation plan is accurate standardization, has the basis effective, lets the Chinese share the pharmacy, the Recommendation Code System on-line and off-line develops the guest promotion, authorizes the AI intelligence physique analysis system founder to raise the visibility for the development together, the annual release of headlines in order to enhance the brand increase efficiency, independent domain name in order not to let you lose the original traffic. The above direct use only seven days after debugging use. Or we can redevelop them all. No matter is the new staff application and the training, no matter is in the chain store application and the training, no matter is on-line pull the promotion has the irreplaceable function. Our subsidiary Pingan Sizhong (Beijing) Internet Platform Co. , Ltd. has website optimization ranking technology, general keyword search engine ranking is almost 99% no failure, about the soft article release we have: Sohu Financial Media, Sina Financial Media, Toutiao, Baijia, 360 media, ping an four information and so on are all about 8 years of weight, the value of millions is also her, is a friend free release is also her, this is the result of eight of US working 15-18 hours a day for 10 years, which is why we have developed through our shared resources. The mainstream business, World Union through the Saas Platform Service form, provides the partner the handset mobile end public number, the APP, the small program Tongue Diagnosis Physique Analysis on-line synthesis service, enables the partner to provide the existing platform to use. Tongue image resources are rich: based on thousands of cases and continuous self-learning and self-growth from clinics, hospitals, convalescent institutions and other multi-level, diversified inspection image data. Professional Chinese medicine doctors, health management and continuous attention and audit. Tongue color: Pale, Pale, reddish, red, crimson, Mauve, Cyan, Mauve. TONGUE SHAPE: fat thin, point thorn, ecchymosis, ecchymosis, tooth mark, crack, old tender. Moss Color: White Moss, Light Yellow Moss, Yellow Moss, burnt Yellow Moss, gray-black Moss, burnt black moss. Moss Quality: Thin Moss, Thick Moss, Futai, Greasy Moss, peeled Moss, less moss, no MOSS, body fluid: Slippery Moss, Moist Moss, dry Moss, coarse moss. Sublingual veins: Normal lingual veins, short and thin color Pale, bluish and coarsely swollen. Ai Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis AI health state identification system advanced version (including features, physique) : Ai Tongue diagnosis is through artificial intelligence technology tongue photo analysis, Ai Chinese medicine intelligent machine learning algorithm model, generate analysis report. The analysis report of AI advanced tongue diagnosis includes tongue image information, constitution information and recuperation plan. The characteristic information includes tongue color, tongue shape, fur color, tongue texture, body fluid, sublingual collaterals, etc. , physical information includes blood stasis, peace, qi-deficiency, yang-deficiency, warm-heat, phlegm-dampness, qi-depression, yin-deficiency, etc. . "Ai Intelligent tongue diagnosis physique analysis" can be applied to family, health stores, health care hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, clinics and other scenarios, the product cost-effective, accurate and convenient to the user's physical health status identification for conditioning. "Ai Intelligent tongue diagnosis physique analysis" can provide users with Chinese Medicine Health Status Identification Services, the application of a wide range of scenarios for the health entities and e-commerce clients, the flow of variable retention, a comprehensive health industry. Suitable for the scene, Sharing Online Traffic Service: Saas Tongue analysis + e-commerce + agents + social e-commerce platform, in order to directly improve traffic revenue fast. Shared Pharmacy Service target: Chain Pharmacy, Regional Pharmacy, single store pharmacy, in order to let zero knowledge of Chinese medicine shop directly to consult customers, enhance the competitiveness of pharmacies. Medical institutions: clinics, community hospitals, community health centers, traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals, convalescent hospitals, in order to let Chinese medicine doctors learn while diagnosis and treatment, AI intelligent tongue diagnosis physical analysis corresponding to or custom-made famous recuperation methods. HEALTH HEALTH STORE SERVICE TARGET: Chinese Medicine Guild Hall, Moxibustion Hall, health preservation hall, Medicinal Diet, in order to make new and old users do health status identification testing, rapid development of fission. Shared Fitness Analysis Report: The system provides exclusive health identification report to help users know their health status at any time, anywhere, partners can customize the way, the main health care products will be integrated into the treatment program, standardized treatment program, to provide users with personalized treatment recommendations and programs as well as life-cycle health tracking services. For example: "Qi Deficiency Physique" common performance: plain low voice weak, shortness of breath lazy speech, easy fatigue, low energy, often from sweating, move is even more, muscle soft and not real. Introverted, risk averse. SPIRITUAL RECUPERATION: People with deficiency of Qi can often drink tea, recite poems and draw pictures, fish and raise birds, cultivate endurance, perseverance and love, make people happy and enjoy the spirit, strengthen the function of heart and lung, promote the harmony of Qi and blood in the whole body, benefit Qi and prolong life. Morbidity tendency: Intolerance of wind, cold, heat, dampness, susceptibility to colds, organ dysfunction such as heart palpitations, chronic gastritis, bronchitis disease; slow recovery. Four Seasons Health Preservation: Recuperation is important in early spring and early autumn, spring needs "covering spring" , which is not only beneficial to the generation of Yang Qi, but also can resist the cold stimulation, and promote the body to be free from external evil stimulation. It is not advisable to take tonic during the cold period in spring; in autumn, deficiency is "preventing dryness" , dry to summer runjin, low temperature to pay attention to cold and warm, and can not be excessive tonic, can eat light, digestible food, warm Yang Spleen and stomach, reduce the burden of the spleen and stomach; winter can be an appropriate amount of tonic. Physical exercise: Choose a gentle form of exercise, such as Radio Calisthenics, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, massage the limbs or chest and abdomen. Qigong aspect, may practice "blows" the work in "six characters formula" . Due to weak constitution, it should be prevented

Adjustment of living: The combination of dynamic and static, capacity and line. Can maintain the emotional health and stability through sports, such as equipment training, playing ball, climbing, running, walking, Tai Chi, aerobics and so on. Pay attention to keep warm, do not sweat when the wind, to prevent the feeling of wind and cold; fatigue is gas consumption, pay attention not to work too hard, so as not to hurt more vital energy. Music conditioning: "for listening to more Gong Yin, Shang Yin, Zheng Yin. ". Such as: "Yangchun Baixue" , "Zizhudiao" , "House of Flying Daggers" , "flowing water" , "Yangchun" , "Changqing District" , "heming Jiugao" , "Wen Wangcao" and so on. Meridian health care: often according to the Zusanli, Qihai acupoint, Guanyuan acupoint to promote the formation of Qi and blood, improve the human body Qi. Chinese medicine conditioning: appropriate amount of taking Yupingfeng powder, Buzhong Yiqi powder, Ginseng, Astragalus, Dangshen to promote the healthy Qi. "dietotherapy" for young chicken of Astragalus MONGHOLICUS. Will be a child chicken wash, wrapped with a gauze bag of RAW astragalus 9 grams, take a fine line, one end tied tightly pocket, placed in the pot, the other end is tied in the pot handle. Add scallion, ginger, garlic, salt and other seasonings in the pot, simmer for 1 hour, eat meat and drink soup. It has the function of tonifying the Middle Qi and strengthening the body's ability to resist diseases. It is suitable for those who are weak in constitution and easy to catch cold. Yam Porridge. Will Yam 30g and 180g of Japonica Rice together into the pot, a proper amount of water porridge, cooked. It has the function of tonifying Qi and consolidating lung astringency essence. The right food. Japonica Rice, millet, yellow rice, barley, naked oats, yellow beans, white lentils, Cowpeas, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Yam, carrots, mushrooms, Crucian Carp, quail, goose, pigeon eggs, pigeon meat, mutton, goat stomach, lotus seeds, water chestnuts, hericium Verum, mushrooms, Gorgon, sweet potato, chestnut, Ginseng, yellow eel, shrimp and so on. Eat less food. Buckwheat, grapefruit, raw radish, citrus, betel nut, cabbage and so on. Author: Shi Pingan